Open Letter to NJRLC

To our Life Members, our Committee Members, our Sponsors, our Referees, Families and Players.

Re: Results from our “Commitment to Restart Post Covid” Questionnaire

Firstly, we thank all of you who took part in completing the Commitment to Restart Post Covid questionnaire. We have had a tremendous response rate with over 78% completion rate. Further, we understand for many of our families, committee members and sponsors, circumstances are not the same as they were only months ago. We also appreciate the honesty and direct response from parents and players alike when completing the questionnaire.

For our Under 6 to Under 12 playing group, we have as of last night advised the Sunshine Coast Junior Rugby League (SCJRL) that we will not be fielding any teams in these grades due primarily to insufficient player numbers and onerous COVID safe requirements. That said, we will aim to be in touch with further details and options for each of you over the coming days.

For our Under 13 to Under 16 playing group (inc Girls) we are continuing to work with SCJRL on options where practical. The results from the questionnaire at the very least have given us some options to explore albeit they may not be what we want or anticipated. Expect more information on the outcome for each grade over the coming fortnight.

For all our Families, Committee Members and Sponsors, we thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time. Remember we can all make a difference and play our part. The rules are simple Queensland Health Corona Virus Protection. If you have any questions, please feel free to email On behalf of the Nambour Junior Rugby League Club, I wish you health and happiness during these trying times.

Yours sincerely

Michael Fletcher


Mob: 0447 550 654

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