Impacts from Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Season 2020

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

To our Life Members, our Committee Members, our Sponsors, our Referees, Families and Players.

As you will be aware, the spread of the COVID-19 virus globally is having a significant impact on our lives and many others across the world. The unprecedented and dynamic nature of the pandemic is outside our control; with the Government continuing to take State and Federal steps to ensure the safety of the Australian people. In addition to the virus itself, the associated government regulations and recommendations restricting our country have resulted in a significant change to the way we live. With all Australians now sharing the one common goal to slow/stop the spread of COVID-19 we are hopeful of a return to the way of life we were once accustomed to sooner rather than later and that includes FOOTY!

During the downtime our wonderful committee members have continued to plan and prepare in anticipation of the season beginning. As it currently stands, the QRL has now extended the suspension of all community rugby league activity until June 1, 2020, but in doing so have left the door open for a possible return to footy. (QRL boss praises volunteers as door remains open for community league return)

With all this in mind we remain positive and hopeful of a significant amount of footy still being played for season 2020. We understand, for some, the impacts of COVID-19 have been significant, and because of this we will provide a refund of registration fees less club expenses incurred (refer to refund policy) upon written request.

For all other families and players, we thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time. Remember we can all make a difference and play our part to ensure our children get back to footy. The rules are simple Queensland Health Corona Virus Protection

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or email

On behalf of the Nambour Junior Rugby League Club, I wish you health and happiness during these trying times.

Yours sincerely

Michael Fletcher


Mob: 0447 550 654

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