2022 Committee Nomination Form

Please email your completed form to secretary@juniorcrushers.com.au by Monday 18th of October 2021.


Our Committee Members

Carl Witherspoon


Danny Dunne

Vice President

Tunisia Hetaraka


Amy Smith


Kalinda Wilkinson


Kim McDonald

Managers' Coordinator - U6 - U12

Sarah Campbell

Managers' Coordinator U13 - U16 and Girls

Steven Blanch

Coaching Director

Michael Fletcher

Grants Coordinator

Tunisia Hetaraka

Accreditation Manager

Elissa Rosenberg

Tour Co-ordinator

Carly Reilly

Communications Manager

Sarah Green

Merchandise Manager

Sarah Gold

Canteen Convener

Trent Holland

Assistant Groundsman

Karen Kenny

Head FAO

Jemma O'Leary

Referees Coordinator